MAXX-DRI VEST - 1.0SL Body Armor VentilationZoom

MAXX-DRI VEST - 1.0SL Body Armor Ventilation

Item# MXX10SL

Patented Full Maxx-Dri Construction (Maxximum body armor ventilation)
NEW patented dual-chambered design for increased cooling/ventilation
NEW Velcro Side Closures for easy donning and doffing
NEW Stay-put Grip Technology prevents your Maxx-Dri vest from shifting
Triple reinforced stitching for Maxximum strength and durability
FULL 360 DEGREE COVERAGE everywhere your body armor rests
Velcro shoulder straps help keep your Maxx-Dri Vest aligned with your body armor
Anti-microbial and Anti-Fungal
Does NOT absorb or retain moisture
Anti-Gravity effect helps reduce neck/back pain and fatigue
A decrease in the likelihood of developing dangerous skin rashes and infections
A less stinky under shirt and a less sweat-soaked body armor carrier to bring home to launder
An overall feeling of comfort that has your ballistic vest feeling lighter on your body
N.T.O.A. Member Tested and Recommended
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